Are you managing skin breakouts all wrong?

Are you managing skin breakouts all wrong?


Here’s how I turned years of blemished skin around, to have a clear, calm complexion.

Teenage breakouts, hormonal blemishes and those sneaky time of month surprises – we’ve all had it. And it’s just not cool.

There's enough going on in our lives and other things to worry about, without our skin being something we’re not in love with.

So here’s a couple of key things I learned over more than 20 years of trial and error, that will help get you a skin to be proud of. 


You’re Stripping

No, not the pole-dancing kind…. the kind where you’re making your skin too clean and stripping it of its natural oils.

If you were a teenager in the 90s, your mum no doubt at some point handed you a tube of Clearasil or was recommend by a GP that you go on a ‘very common’ drug called Roaccutane….

Different degrees of awfulness, but both of these things wreak havoc with our skin stripping and killing everything in sight.

When we strip the skin of its natural oils, it just fights back and  overcompensates by producing more oil than it needs.

So although it may feel ‘clean’ initially, you’ve just ripped the carpet out and now your poor skin is going to go into action mode. That’s when you get too much oil.

And when that excess oil mixes with bacteria...well bobs your uncle = breakouts.


Your sweet spot is a delicate balance

A bit like the Bermuda Triangle (where finding constant equilibrium is a carefully crafted exercise). Here’s some quickfire tips to find that balance with your skin:

Get the right products – and you only need a couple:

  1. Clean (gently): Find a gentle, creamy, organic cleanser. And use a soft flannel to gently exfoliate dead skin cells away regularly. 
  2. Hydrate and nurture: Find the perfect moisturiser: this is where I use my CONVICTION Liquid Skin - Rebel Gold. I’m a cynic by nature and the science of this stuff resonates with my brain, not to mention the benefits I get on my face!

Let’s go science geek for a second... Liquid Skin has a strong component of organic jojoba oil within it and this stuff is the closest thing in nature to our skin's natural oil (sebum).

So what happens is, your skin drinks it up because it’s so familiar – which basically ‘tricks’ your pores into thinking they’re full and Voila...balanced skin and no over-production of oil = no blemishes. 😊

CONVICTION Rebel Gold also combines jojoba with our other active blemish fighter – organic turmeric, and the two plants work in complete harmony to feed your skin pure gold.

So much so, that when you first start with Liquid Skin - Rebel Gold, your skin may go through a ‘cleaning out’ phase. Flushing out old bacteria and bringing any lurking blemishes to the surface....after which the skin begins to balance.


Work on the internal and the external

Perfect peace – in your body and your mind (and your skin), comes from addressing the internal and the external factors.

Each part speaks to the other and your skin is a great way of knowing if something’s not right.

Personally, I’ve always sought out reputable naturopaths - preferably those who take a holistic approach. (I.e: Not shunning mainstream medicine but aligning the two.)

For me – with a history of blemishes and hormonal craziness, I religiously use a natural cruciferous vegetable supplement called DIM which helps regulate hormones.

Make sure you find out what your particular underlying issues might be first however, as you don’t want to band-aid anything - you want to deal with the source!


Don’t seek perfection

When I read some articles that outline the perfect diets, religious exercise and expensive 5 step routines I roll my eyes.

The mental stress of living this way can affect our bodies detrimentally. I’m a big fan of ‘living a life’.

Doing stuff ‘mostly’ – but also enjoying my wine, my coffee, my choccies, plus I still get the odd blemish, that’s just life! But I’m smugly grateful of how good my skin looks 90% of the time.

I’ve also stripped my beauty regime right back to the basics and can get a great face of makeup done in 10 mins (whilst a 4 year old plays with my makeup brushes….).

A lot of this is about knowing exactly what my skin needs, investing in quality products and enjoying the extra time I have morning and night!

So take a look at what you’re up to on a regular basis with your skin, and where you could tweak based on the above tips. Seek out good advice from reputable experts and get your products right!

Please feel free to hit me up for any questions about my experience with my skin or about CONVICTION Liquid Skin and how it might work for you.




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  • Liquid Skin – Rebel Gold Face Oil (30ml)
    Liquid Skin – Rebel Gold Face Oil (30ml)
    Liquid Skin – Rebel Gold Face Oil (30ml)
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    Organic NZ turmeric helps fade pigmentation, reduce redness, and manage blemishes.. all while giving you an enviable glow. Get your strut on.


  • Liquid Skin - QueenB Face Oil (30ml)
    Liquid Skin - QueenB Face Oil (30ml)
    Liquid Skin - QueenB Face Oil (30ml)
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    The Queen of hydration and NZ manuka honey's much cooler cousin, kanuka shines in this more intense infusion. QueenB fills your pores and turns back time while you sleep, so you wake with a hydrated glow like no-one’s business.


  • Liquid Skin – Naked Face Oil (30ml)
    Liquid Skin – Naked Face Oil (30ml)
    Liquid Skin – Naked Face Oil (30ml)
    Shop now

    A lighter-weight turmeric infusion and a great starter for those not familiar with face oils. A soft oil to moisturise, balance and calm, all while giving you a perfect glow.


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