Undoing what the beauty industry taught you about skin care…

Undoing what the beauty industry taught you about skin care…


Google search: “Your skin needs less than you think” and you’ll get an eye opener of common sense articles on how our skin is an immensely smart and self-sufficient organ that does not need even half of what our big beauty brand friends tell us it does….

Something’s happening in skin care that a lot of companies won’t want to talk about. Why? Because they’re aiming to sell to sell you a gazillion products. And, convince you that you should keep adding more products to ‘fix’ things.

But here’s a secret that’s becoming not so secret …that your skin needs much less than they tell you it does, to be its’ best version.

“Skin care is simpler than the beauty industry is trying to make it.”

~ Caren Campbell

Something goes wrong with our skin so we freak out and add products …..rather than take them away.

You strip it, then hydrate it…. Apply acids and serums… many of which the skin produces naturally – if we let it…

You have an issue one day – so you run out and buy the first beauty product marketed to you…. adding a whole bunch more ingredients that your skin has to become accustomed to….and then fixing it again when it all goes wrong.

It does not have to be that hard. At all.

Just like the rest of life - the pursuit of harmony should be in balance. And it’s no different for your skin.

Remember, balance in life is a constant pursuit. And so is perfect skin.

Happiness is a pursuit. Perfect skin is a pursuit. And finding balance is often the challenge for in most things in life including your complexion. Why? Because there are only so many things you can control within your life, the rest relies on how you respond and what sort of foundations you’ve created to be able to respond as the best version of you.

Whether it’s mental ‘tools’, nutrition, supplements, skincare, mentors, supportive humans, exercise, spirituality, routine and planning….you find what works for you and remember that you are the designer of your life….or the author of your narrative.

Balancing our busy lives is about breathing, getting the blood pumping, rest, patience and ….time.

Supported by the growing voices on ‘skinimalism’ (one of our fave terms atm, and one we know is here to stay), the key to most epic complexions is about respecting your skin and its natural powers enough, to lean in and support them rather than instruct it like a crazed lecturer making it succumb to your ten step routine!

 Generally speaking we’re talking about less… 

  • Less synthetic
  • Less machinery
  • Less heat
  • Less products (and smaller batches)
  • Less steps 

And equally about more… 

  • More plants
  • More active nutrients
  • More balance
  • More cash
  • More time
  • More peace
  • More sense

Today we have never used so many products and yet, our skin has never been worse. The more ingredients we use, the more it can damage our skin barrier and microbiome, and the more we remove the essential nutrients [it needs] to function properly”  - Elsa Jungman - skin pharmacologist and microbiome expert.

So why use anything at all on your skin then? Well as we age and also increasingly as a smart preventative we all need a little help. Our lives are lived (especially in the western world) with  pollutants, makeup, multiple stresses, expectations and hormones, we can definitely do with a little support. But support from things that make actual sense. Prolific beauty disruptor and journalist - Jessica DeFino uses only manuka honey to cleanse and jojoba oil to add moisture and keep natural oils in. Which makes total sense because jojoba is scientifically the closest thing to our skins’ natural sebum.

How does Conviction fit into this picture?

At Conviction we wholeheartedly embrace this slimdown of skincare products. We were borne out of being fed up with skincare overwhelm and cynicism of big beauty claims. That’s why we started with a single range of signature oils (all of which include organic jojoba by the way 😉) and you won’t find us trying to convince you to use 10 products, nor creating over-complicated new lines and products with 50 ingredients, that to be honest – you just don’t need.

 “…pummelling your face with ingredients is “violence” and “perfect skin” is unattainable anyway.”

~ Krithika Varagur

The additions of carefully selected plant material like turmeric and kanuka into this mix and most recently turmeric into our balancing cleanser is about using what nature provides to support our skin, all while respecting the power our skin already has.

So bring on the age of skinimalism we say.

Find quality products that make biological sense and invest in them. Give them enough time to work and purge any other multitudes of ingredients you skin is trying to adjust to. Consider your environment from the external and the internal (thoughts, stress, negative talk, hormonal and hereditary).

I hope this find you well, balanced – or at least designing your life for more balance 😊 And if you'd like to join the growing tribe of women embracing a simpler routine AND enjoying epic skin.... jump right in here

x Gemma



Please note:

We are not medical professionals and any opinions in this article should not be taken as specific medical advice. Individuals should seek their own advice about their bespoke conditions from medical and natural practitioners.








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    Liquid Skin – Rebel Gold Face Oil (30ml)
    Liquid Skin – Rebel Gold Face Oil (30ml)
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    Liquid Skin - QueenB Face Oil (30ml)
    Liquid Skin - QueenB Face Oil (30ml)
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    Liquid Skin – Naked Face Oil (30ml)
    Liquid Skin – Naked Face Oil (30ml)
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