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Because our products contain active ingredients and are designed to flush your skin out, you may experience an initial 'purge' where the skin settles into the products. We urge you to keep going for 2-3 weeks, however do take a few days break and only use once a day if you are experiencing any issues.

Very few people react to our products but every skin is different so please use your judgement or get in touch with us if you do experience any issues.

Yes absolutely. Many find they don't need it, but for very dry skins you can use a moisture cream and then layer the oil on top to really seal in the hydration. The oils act as a beautiful barrier keeping the skin hydrated all day.

Yes 100%. All our products are vegan friendly, organic ingredients used where possible, small batch produced and most parts of our processes done by hand.

Locally in New Zealand! Our footprint spans from a head office in Browns Bay Auckland, to a little farm for growing ingredients in beautiful bay of Plenty, to our lovely ladies in sunny Nelson who bottle the products for us.

Occassionally when Liquid Skin is exposed to cold temperatures it can start to solidify. This is due to the natural jojoba within it - which is technically a 'wax'. It will change form in colder temperatures and then liquefy again when warmed up. This won't damage the product at all, and it's actually a good sign of zero preservatives in our oils!

Just warm the oil bottle under water and it will turn to its oil consistency again. In Winter or of you live in a colder climate, keep the bottle in one of our pouches or a warmer room - especially at night.

Our oils are actually very versatile, however if you're using both Rebel Gold (or Naked) and QueenB, we recommend using QueenB at night and your turmeric infused oil in the morning.

Or, if you're not a fan of using oil in the morning - you can alternate the oils each night.

*TIP: Naked and Rebel make a great primer / base for a dewy makeup look too!

Our 30ml bottles generally last people around 6 weeks. That's using it once or twice a day and 5-7 drops.

The 3mls trial size lasts around 4-5 uses.

Our very own super-hydrating creamy cleanser! Our beautiful unDirty cleanser has an oil infused base and also contains our permaculture turmeric for that instant glow and skin tone.

Use once or twice and remove with a warm, damp Conviction Clean Cloth for gentle exfoliation.

Conviction Liquid Skin face oils work amazingly all on their own, or can be incorporated easily alongside your other beauty products. You can also intermingle the Liquid Skin face oils Rebel Gold and QueenB to get the best of both worlds from kanuka and turmeric plant material.

But we’re big fans of simplicity of routine at Conviction, so we encourage you to ease away from your "5 step" routines…And stick with products where you know exactly what's in them. Your bathroom, your brain and your skin will thank you.

Liquid Skin face oil infusions are considered a ‘dry’ oil, so they don’t have a greasy residue. All the ingredients in Liquid Skin are beneficial for oily and blemish-prone skins.

In QueenB, kanuka works to heal, and in Rebel Gold and Naked,
turmeric works to calm. At the same time, jojoba hydrates - "mimicking" the skins’ natural oil – sebum, so your pores are tricked into thinking they’re full up. This means no overproduction of oil which causes blemishes. But, make sure you give it a chance!

When you start using Conviction Liquid Skin you may get the odd blemish in the first 2 weeks. This is your skin adjusting to such a pure product and purging any impurities. This helps flush out any dirt and bacteria to reset your skins’ oil balance.

We're big believers in simplifying life's routine at Conviction, that's why we focused on creating a product of such purity, so you don't need much else!

Conviction Liquid Skin face oils can replace moisturisers for many, but, if you have something you absolutely love and don't want to give it up - then use Liquid Skin right at the end of your routine.

If you're using serums that are acid based, then Liquid Skin is actually a fabulous complement to these - as they can dry the skin. So lock the hydration back in with your Conviction Liquid Skin.

An easy way to select is to ask what you're biggest skin concern is, or what sort of skin you have. All infusions work as anti-aging agents, but there are also specific benefits for each.

  • QueenB is our most hydrating and healing of the three.
  • Rebel Gold, gives you that active glow and helps to even out redness.
  • Naked is a great starting point for those new to face oils as it has a reduced amount of active plant nutrients.

Yes! So far we've had 100% of customers who have used Rebel Gold, say that it has helped fade even the most stubborn of pigment spots within a few weeks.

Turmeric naturally works to even and brighten skin so whether it's freckles or pigmentation over time it will assist in the overall tone of your skin.

We love this one 😊 the short answer is no, and you won’t get a tan from using our infusions with turmeric. But we get it, many know
turmeric for adding flavour and colour to food.

The turmeric infused in Conviction Liquid Skin Rebel Gold isn’t your stock-standard household turmeric. The growing and harvesting of our turmeric are next-level due to the soil quality and permaculture methods used on the farm.

The local New Zealand environment that has been developed for growing turmeric is based on lots of research and everything is done by

Plus, we’ve spent years trialling and testing to get the turmeric component just right. What you get is a healthy ‘glow’ from giving your
skin such nutritious food.

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