Welcome to a simpler life and a fabulous skin.

Liquid Skin is designed to be a one-stop-shop for hydration, ageing, skin tone and moisture. Get rid of your 5-step routine, bathe your face in the potent goodness of local NZ turmeric and kanuka and step out every day with a new prowess.

It's so easy: 
  • Before you apply your Liquid Skin, use a simple creamy / non-stripping cleanser (we'll have on available soon!), or a warm flannel if you have no makeup on. 


  • Massage or pat your Liquid Skin into your face and neck in place of any moisturisers and serums you’d normally use. Or if you do want to incorporate it into your routine - use it as the last step. Drop 5-10 drops into your hands and then apply.

  • You can use Liquid Skin both morning and night (and under makeup for that dewy glow) - or just at night. For the face that stops traffic, altermate between the two signature infusion - Rebel Gold and QueenB for maximum benefits. 

  • And that is it. Seriously, you're done. Get out there and strut woman. 


*Oh and if you’re a retinol devotee, Liquid Skin is a perfect complement to retinol which can dry the skin. Just apply your retinol serum and then Liquid Skin over it!